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Your body: moving as it was designed
Movement by Design Pilates Studio
Private Pilates Sessions

Private sessions give you the benefit of one on one attention, personalized goals and planning, and close observation of your technique and results.  Also offering private Mamalates sessions.

Pilates Group Classes

Our Pilates classes have a maximum of three students, so you still get plenty of individual attention and instruction in a Pilates group class setting.

Pilates Stretching
Mamalates for new Moms

A special post-childbirth exercise program to help regain core strength. Particularly helpful after C-Sections or if you have diastasis recti.

Pilates Start-up Package

A package that can include a private assessment and three classes to get you started.  Schedule only the consult to begin.


Studio Location:

531 Red Sky Drive

Saint Charles, IL 60175

Tel: 331-222-7330

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To put it simply, Barb is an amazing Pilates instructor. When I started working with Barb I was nervous, I had no idea what to expect from a Pilates workout. From the first visit, she made the Pilates concepts approachable and easy to understand.

Barb is a very knowledgeable, patient and encouraging instructor. She is outstanding at her ability to observe the body in motion and give precise, targeted instructions that create the perfect alignment and awareness of your body as you are working out. She is very sensitive to the individual needs of her clients and their physical abilities, guiding them to reach new limits.

Barb makes sure that sessions are varied, fresh, engaging and fun! I am more flexible, have better posture and greater stamina, all due to my Pilates sessions with Barb! Barb is an example of a professional who exudes passion for what she does and creates a caring connection with the people that she works with.


I found Barb following a car accident while I was trying to rehabilitate my body to be able to go back to the strenuous exercise I was used to participating in.  Not only has she helped alleviate pain and improved my body mechanics to prevent future injury, but she has helped me find more strength and flexibility with much less strain on my body.

Barb is a highly trained and encouraging teacher; her background as a physical therapist gives her a unique perspective.  She is able to use subtle but very effective exercises on the reformer that make huge gains.  Barb individualizes the session based on what your needs are that day.  Each class is fresh and always presents well-timed challenges.

One hour flies by and I feel energized and refreshed after each session with Barb.
I feel extremely lucky to have found her.


Pilates Group Classes



Movement By Design Pilates Studio is an intimate personal space where you can safely explore movement, strength, and alignment issues.  Our bodies are designed for both fluidity and strength in movement, however many of our lifestyle choices and resulting injuries create difficulty achieving this.  


Explore Pilates as a way to recover strength, fluidity of movement and postural awareness that you can incorporate in everyday life. Pilates is a great complement to other forms of exercise and can be practiced by those who are just starting to exercise or those who are more advanced in their fitness needs.


Experience joy and satisfaction in caring for your body and allowing it to move and work in harmony with its beautiful design.

Mamlates- Pilates for New Moms
Barb Fetter, NCPT Certified Pilates Instructor

Your instructor Barb Fetter is a NCPTCertified Pilates instructor, a Polestar Pilates graduate,as well as a licensed Physical Therapist in the state of Illinois. She is committed to working on personalized goals and instruction plans for each and every client.

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Pilates Routine

Also offering OB-GYN endorsed Mamalates program for post birth recovery. Designed to help you reclaim your core and can start 6 weeks post-childbirth. Learn More.  

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